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Normandy first - Of course you know of Mont Saint Michel, the D-Day landing beaches, Bayeux and its legendary Tapestry, Rouen with its charming medieval quarter, Dieppe, Honfleur,…. But come in the nest of the small valleys, drive the forest roads, see the tiny villages or the country museums. Discover cheeses, cream, cider and calvados. Stroll on the country markets, look at poultry and cheeses, and experience the quality of Norman welcome. And, if by chance, you feel some drops of rain, it will just be for the green of the fields.

Normandy ! I was born here, and I've been guiding here for years and years. With my national license, I can also be your guide everywhere in France, and your courier in many European countries. My experience, as a coach courier (many tours in Europe with North American tourists, and discovering Europe with French tourists) allows me to advise you by creating your tours : (roads, timing, sites …) Everyone thinks Normandy is a simple region. This region that lies between Paris and the sea is steeped in fascinating old history, culture, traditions and gastronomy. I can suggest to you dozens of tours, dozens of visits to extraordinary sites. Any combination of tours and visits are possible to create "your tour".

Le Havre
Deauville and Trouville
The Mont Saint Michel
The "Val de Seine" abbeys
3 bridges

Day Tour

The D-Day landing beaches and
the Battle of Normandy

Tour du Cotentin
Ivory and Spice Road
Le pays d'Auge
Seine and Andelle country tour
"An Impressionist Day":
Châteaux in Normandy
Gardens in Normandy

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Rouen is a modern city, with an ancient medieval quarter. You can spend from two to five hours here to stroll the cobbled streets and discover this medieval and Renaissance town.

Giverny : The museums are also worth to visit Giverny is the village where Claude Monet spent half his life and where he created his most fabulous canvas : his water garden.

Etretat : Etretat was a fashionable holiday resort at the end of the 19th century. Famous writers as Maupassant and Maurice Leblanc (Arsène Lupin's father) met famous painters as Courbet and Monet. The white coastal cliff, with the two gates and the needle, is famous world-wide.

Fécamp : Fécamp, once upon a time a port for Newfoundland cod fishers, is now well known for the "Palais Benedictine" where the famous liquors are made From 1810.

Dieppe : Dieppe has been the first holiday resort in France. Before this, the sailors where bringing back ivory from Africa, and many craftsmen were carving. In 1942, the dramatic Canadian landing was the first attempt to reconquest Europe.

The "Val de Seine" abbeys : The "Val de Seine" abbeys are marvels of architecture. Founded either during the 7th century or the 11th, they allowed the development of the agrarian prosperity of the country.

3 bridges Between Rouen and the sea, 3 bridges span the Seine. They are all different, but their technology and their lightness are fine examples of what the 20th century builders are able to accomplish. "Le Pont de Normandie", between Le Havre and Honfleur, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

Le Havre : Le Havre is one of the most important French ports, and the first European port to be reached from the ocean. The town was rebuilt after WW2 and everywhere, you can feel the see air and the quality of light.

Honfleur : Honfleur is a tiny picturesque port known all around the world. The beauty of this site has been captured by the numerous painters who painted here from 150 years. The timber church, the salt granaries and the old cobbled streets lead us to a museum, founded by Eugene Boudin's legacy. Many emigrants, between them Samuel Champlain, sailed from Honfleur.

Lisieux : Despite the 1944 destruction, Lisieux still has a gothic cathedral and some timber houses. It's the town where St Theresa spent her life.

Deauville and Trouville : Deauville and Trouville are holiday resorts, made famous by the grand boardwalks along the beach. It's the place of yearling sales and horse races. It's also the gateway to the beautiful countryside that we call the "pays d'Auge", where good Norman cheeses are made.

Caen : In Caen, rebuilt after the battle of Normandy, you must visit museums (among them, the Peace Memorial), abbey churches, and its castle.

Bayeux : World famous for its seventy meters length Tapestry of woven linen and dyed wool, which tells the story of the "Norman Conquest" (1066), Bayeux has also a fine cathedral and a museum where lace collections are well-known.

And more …

The D-Day landing beaches and the Battle of Normandy : Some suggestions for a day out : The D-Day landing beaches and the Battle of Normandy: you would need a complete fortnight to visit all the important places for these events; battle raged for 75 days in the bocage until the final assault on Paris. You can visit the beaches where our Allies landed and the beautifully kept cemeteries where so many are buried.

Le tour du Cotentin : Cotentin : at the very north of a this great peninsula reaching into the Atlantic. Around Cherbourg, on the seaside, thanks to small roads, it's possible to discover charming landscapes, tiny gardens and valleys opening to the sea.

Ivory and Spice Road : Ivory and Spice Road: It's the one along the so-called "Alabaster Coast" because of the brilliant coastal cliff colour. Picturesque views and dramatic sceneries are visible all along this coastline , between Dieppe and Etretat.

Le pays d'Auge : Le pays d'Auge: Enjoy the welcome and grand hospitality in this region where fine ciders and cheeses are made in Norman tradition. An "apple brandy" is distilled here under the name of "Calvados" , and horses are bred here to race in Deauville. Many charming half-timbered manor houses, most of them from the 17th century are still easily visible from the road amongst the orchards.

Seine and Andelle counrty tour : Le Pays d'Andelle (Seine and Andelle country tour): This is a small area in the middle of the Lyons forest, where we can find villages from another time, abbeys, quiet streams and castles.

an impressioniste day : "An Impressionist Day": Sites are numerous to create this day ( Giverny, Honfleur, Vétheuil, Auvers sur Oise, etc.) , around the painters of this time : Courbet, Boudin, Monet, Sisley, Jongkind, Lebourg, Renoir, Pissaro or van Gogh were painting in Normandy. This tour can be created upon request to feature any particular number of painters. Copies of their canvases are here to show us where they were painted.

Châteauxin Normandy : Château-Gaillard, Arques, Harcourt, la Roche-Guyon… These castles tell wonderful stories of battles between landlords and kings.

Gardens in Normandy : Once again, local authorities are encouraged in the creation or the restoration of dozens of gardens in Normandy: artists', historical, botanical, modern gardens, they wait for your visit. This tour can be created with your particular interest in mind